San Jose/Evergreen Federation of Teachers
American Federation of Teachers (AFT) 6157

Revised March 2014

Article One – Name

  • 1.1  The name of this organization shall be the San Jose/Evergreen Federation of Teachers, AFT 6157; hereafter called the “AFT 6157”.

Article Two – Objectives

  • 2.1  To promote the welfare of students and the advancement of community college education at the local, state, and national level.
  • 2.2  To promote the highest of standards of professional services in education.
  • 2.3  To obtain for faculty members their rightful voice in shaping educational policy and in establishing the conditions under which they teach.
  • 2.4  To promote the welfare of faculty members by obtaining full and just compensation for professional services rendered.
  • 2.5  To maintain for faculty members the right to free collective bargaining as a necessary means for achieving the substantive aims and purposes of this organization.
  • 2.6  To advance the economic, social, and political well-being of the faculty members.
  • 2.7  To build alliances with student, community groups and other coalitions to promote social justice and equity.

Article Three – Membership

  • 3.1  All certificated faculty members (full-time and adjunct) of the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District who are members of that group’s collective bargaining unit, as recognized by the California Employees’ Relations board are eligible to become members of this AFT 6157 upon payment of its annual dues.
  • 3.2  Each member of the AFT 6157 is entitled to one vote on issues presented to the membership. Elections of some members of the Executive Board are restricted to specific constituency groups within the general membership. See Article 5 of Union Bylaws.

Article Four – Dues

  • 4.1  The amount of annual dues for this AFT 6157 shall be set by its Executive Board.
  • 4.2  Dues shall be sufficient to cover membership in this local chapter and other operational costs of affiliation with the American Federation of Teachers.
  • 4.3  Service/representation fees, when authorized under the Educational Code (note Educational Employment Relations Act, Government Code, section 3540, et. seq.) shall be equal to dues for a member of equal workload in the District, except for reductions due to expenses which are non-chargeable under the law.
  • 4.4  Retired members who are in good standing at the time of retirement may retain membership in the organization by paying special retiree dues beginning the month following retirement. Dues shall be set by the Retiree Chapter, AFT 6157-R.
  • 4.5  Adjunct faculty members may maintain membership during breaks of their employment during the academic year by submitting dues of two dollars per month for up to one year.
  • 4.6  Associate Members: Eligibility for membership may be extended to faculty members of other educational agencies upon approval of the Executive Board. An associate member shall pay two dollars per month for associate membership. Associate members shall not vote, hold office or serve on committees.

Article Five – Officers

The voting Executive Officers shall be:

  • 5.1  District-wide President
  • 5.2  District-wide Vice President
  • 5.3  District-wide Fiscal Officer
  • 5.4  Two Full-Time Campus Representatives – SJCC
  • 5.5  Two Full-Time Campus Representatives – EVC
  • 5.6  One Adjunct Campus Representative – EVC
  • 5.7  One Adjunct Campus Representative – SJCC
  • 5.8  One District Wide Adjunct

Proxies shall not be used for Executive Officers.

Ex Officio Members (Non-voting ex-officio members of the Executive Board)

  • 5.9  Chief Negotiator and Negotiations Team Members
  • 5.10  Up to two Grievance Officer(s)
  • 5.11  Retiree Chairperson
  • 5.12  Past President

Representation on the Executive Board has been configured based on the current membership numbers.  If there is substantial growth in faculty members represented by the AFT, the Executive Board may create a new Executive Board position and appoint a member until the next election.

Article Six – Executive Board

  • 6.1  There shall be an Executive Board, which shall consist of the officers of the AFT 6157 as described in Article Five.
  • 6.2  The Executive Board shall meet at least once monthly during the Academic Calendar and shall be responsible for determining policy and directing the operation of the AFT 6157. Each Board member shall have one vote. The Executive Board may also meet once during the summer during the 6 week summer session.
  • 6.3  All Executive Board Members and Ex Officio Members are governed by the rules of confidentiality in closed session.

Article Seven – Membership Meetings

  • 7.1  Meetings open to all AFT 6157 members shall be scheduled by the president and/or Executive Board.
  • 7.2  At least two membership meetings open to all bargaining unit members shall be called every semester at both San Jose City College and Evergreen Valley College.
  • 7.3  The Executive Board shall call a special meeting of the AFT 6157, open to all AFT 6157 members, for any purpose, upon written request of twenty percent (20%) of the membership of the AFT 6157.
  • 7.4  The agenda for the AFT 6157 meetings shall be proposed by the president and approved by the Executive Board.

Article Eight – Quorum

  • 8.1  A quorum of executive board meetings shall consist of a majority of the currently filled positions of that board.

Article Nine – Amendments

  • 9.1  Changes in this Constitution or its By-laws must be by written ballot distributed by the president/designee to all members of the AFT 6157.
  • 9.2  The period of voting shall be no less than seven calendar days from the distribution of such ballots.
  • 9.3  Proposed changes in the Constitution and By-laws shall be submitted to the membership at the request of a majority of the members of the Executive Board, or at the written petition received by the Executive Board signed by one-third of the membership of the AFT 6157, itemizing specific changes.
  • 9.4  Changes in the Constitution shall require a two-thirds majority of the ballots received.
  • 9.5  Changes in the By-laws shall require a vote of over fifty-percent (50%) of the ballots received.

President, David Yancey
Vice President, Frank Espinoza
Fiscal Officer, Linda Ferrell
EVC Representative, Deborah De La Rosa
EVC Representative, Nasreen Rahim
EVC Adjunct Representative, Paul Humann
SJCC Representative, Kieron Connolly
SJCC Representative, Jose Cabrera
SJCC Adjunct Representative, Philip Crawford