Congratulations to our Two AFT 6157 Candidates Who Were Elected by White Ballot

Elaine Ortiz Kristich
AFT 6157 EVC Full Time Representative

Elaine Ortiz-Kristich

My name is Elaine Ortiz Kristich, a counselor at EVC hired in 2001. My interest to continue being an EVC Executive Board Member includes a strong interest to uphold the AFT 6157 San José/Evergreen Federation of Teachers’ statement of purpose.

“To represent faculty in all matters relating to employment conditions and employer-employee relations including, but not limited to wages, benefits, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment covered in the collective bargaining agreement,” Article One states.

As a graduate from EVC, this campus is very special for me. It is filled with memories of laughter, as well as hope for the future. In addition to having CCC experience as a student, I earned an Elementary Teacher Credential, Masters of Art degree in counseling/psychology from SJSU, which has enriched my work as the Teaching and Learning Coordinator for the last eight years at EVC.

As early as 2002-2003, some of you may recall how there was a big push to lay off several counseling faculty members. At least 300 faculty, staff, students and community members, including myself, attended the SJECCD Board of Trustee meeting to speak against the layoffs and how this would be detrimental for our faculty, students and community. As a result from several testimonials against the layoffs, the attempt was dismissed.

Since that time, I have actively served on the EVC Academic Senate for 10 years, as a Senator and the Vice President, and as the Chair of the All College Council for five years and worked with faculty constituents to review/update the Shared Governance Handbook.

For several years I have served as one of the AFT 6157 Council of Division Representatives for the EVC Counseling Faculty and now because of the current political climate in our country it is imperative to support and advocate for our union and its members.

Andres Quintero
AFT 6157 EVC Adjunct Representative

Andres Quintero

For the last two years, I have had the privilege of representing the adjunct faculty of Evergreen Valley College on the Executive Board of the San Jose/Evergreen Federation of Teachers, AFT 6157. As a proud freeway flier, I bring the perspective that only those of us, who work at multiple colleges, juggle various schedules and sometimes hold office hours out of the back of our trunks, can really understand.

The previous affords me the perspective to properly advocate for positions that benefit those of us who, as adjuncts, do not have the assurances that tenure provides. Over the course of my previous term, I have heard the concerns of my colleagues and effectively advocated for measures that seek to bring us closer to parity.

As adjuncts, we face peculiar circumstances that come with the job. I therefore pledge to continue to advocate for policies that allow us to move to full-time status, all the while continuing to propose and support measures that alleviate the pressures and stresses that adjuncts endure.

Unfortunately, the 75/25 ratio of full-time to part-time faculty, set forth in AB 1725, does not seem to be materializing anytime soon. We therefore must work to address the very real issues that we as adjuncts currently face and unfortunately will continue to face until funding priorities change.