Mentorship Program History

In 2008 AFT 6157 developed the new Mentorship Program initiated by faculty members, David Yancey, Frank Espinoza, Laura Sanchez, Vivian George Morgan, and, AFT 6157 Executive Director, Barbara Hanfling.

The AFT 6157 has an on-going commitment to both the recruitment and retention of a culturally diverse faculty in the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD).

The AFT 6157’s commitment to all first year tenure-track faculty members, coupled with valuing cultural diversity, has resulted in the development of the AFT 6157 Mentorship Program. Faculty union mentors initiate contact with their assigned first year faculty mentee (initially full time faculty) and facilitate interaction between the new member and the union, various college entities, and the district as a whole.

In an effort to provide Faculty Mentors with the tools necessary to guide new first year faculty member hires, the committee created:

  • A training orientation for prospective faculty mentors
  • A brochure which includes  the AFT 6157 Mentorship Program objectives
  • A check list of monthly activities to address with their new faculty mentee during the academic year

The AFT 6157 Mentorship Program focuses on identifying professional and union-related needs of new faculty members by providing faculty union support and guidance in the first year of employment in the SJECCD.