Quick Poll #1: Housing & Commuting

Here are the results of our first Quick Poll:

221 Faculty Members (107 Adjuncts and 114 Full Timers) answered the survey.
Survey Period: February 9-12, 2018

Noteable Quotes:

Just the property taxes are half of what I make by teaching two semesters of 5 units per year at SJCC.

The only way I’m able to own a home in San Jose is because my spouse works in the tech industry. We depended on his salary for the down payment. We continue to depend on his salary for the mortgage/bills.

The commute time varies from 65-70 minutes up to 90-120, each way, depending on weather conditions and accidents

I’m only able to live in the area because my house was passed down from my grandpa. There is no way I could afford to live in this area if this wasn’t the case. I feel for all the people I work with that have families and have to spend so much time away from them dealing with traffic.

I feel very lucky to be retirement age and one who came into my career when housing was affordable and traffic was much lighter. I worry about the young and talented people who would like to have a career in education, but simply cannot afford to live here.

FT faculty are taking overloads, intersession, and summer to to try to keep up with the rising costs of housing vs. stagnant raises, which squeezes adjunct faculty. I know many FT faculty who have second jobs to make ends meet.

Can only afford to live in district because of rent control on mobile home park; constantly worried that will change.

I want to buy a home in San Jose, but I can’t afford it. I don’t want to buy a home far away and have a long commute. It would be too hard on my family, and I couldn’t participate or contribute as frequently to EVC. Long commutes are also bad for your health:

I am now renting a house but it is stressful because you never know if you’re going to have to move in the middle of the school semester or where you’ll be next year. I have moved five times in the last four years. It is also demoralizing to work hard but feel that you will not achieve the American dream of owning your own home or provide a stable consistent home for your child.

I rent out a bedroom to “make ends meet”

I also commute to Foothill College (90-minutes each way to drive 20 miles) and Berkeley City College (90-120 minutes each way car and Bart combination).

I’m now getting a hotel room once per week. I drive home the other day that I teach here.

When I had a bigger car, I’ve even slept in it to ‘reduce’ the morning commute!!

Definitely moved out of the area due to high cost of living in San Jose…makes it difficult to be as involved as I would like to be with the SJCC community.

Will likely never be able to purchase a home unless I move out of California.

Rent is going up every year. Rent is has been more than 50% monthly pay for past three years.

Gas and time are killing me!