Sophia de la Fuente

New case manager responds to student crisis, mental health issues

By Debbie Huntze Rooney, SJCC PE/Softball Faculty

Sophia de la Fuente
Sophia de la Fuente

Sophia de la Fuente is excited to join as San Jose City College’s case manager. She will be leading efforts to manage student mental health initiatives that include prevention and response to student crises, faculty education and support, case management and supporting SJCC’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT).

Sophia is familiar with both SJCC and EVC after working in Psychological Services this past year, providing individual therapeutic services to students on campus, imparting her with understanding and insight of the unique challenges and aspirations that many students on campus encounter today.

I met with Sophia and was glad to be able to introduce her to the Union as her mentor. I wanted to make sure she understood that the AFT 6157 in our District is a Union that not only represents faculty, but stands for social justice, our students’ wellbeing and fairness. Also I explained that our Union is a continuing part of the culture of the college and the community.

Sophia holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and joins with a background of direct experience working in mental health counseling, case management and client advocacy. She’s worked within various community and academic settings, ranging from schools and youth courts in Alameda County, to a trauma-focused agency in Los Angeles County. Throughout the duration of her work experience, she has worked with diverse populations, varying in developmental and/or physical abilities, socio-economic status, age, cultural and sexual orientation. Sophia is also bilingual in Spanish and English.

Outside of work, Sophia enjoys active adventures, such as snorkeling, hiking and rock climbing. Still exploring and learning about the Bay Area after moving from LA, she welcomes any recommendations on hiking trails to check out.

Sophia has cultivated a deep passion and commitment to working with the college population. She’s enjoyed the opportunity to witness firsthand the vital and critical role the community college plays in the lives of its students, and is extremely excited to join us.