What Has the Union Done for You Lately? (May 2017)

By Barbara Hanfling, AFT 6157 Executive Director

1. Pay for Work Done: EVC Translation and Interpretation Program
Full-time faculty in the Translation and Interpretation Program were informed by their dean Merryl Kravitz that they had to grade exams taken by students who were newly entering the program. Originally the adjunct faculty who taught the program had been paid. The full-time faculty were told there was no money to pay them (out of a $106 million budget).

The Union immediately contacted Human Resources, and we both agreed that grading and assessing in addition to the work related to your own students was extra work and needed to be paid. But EVC was still not convinced and acting VP Mark Gonzales maintained that it was a responsibility of the full-time faculty.

The full-timers received emails after emails to pick up these tests. Finally the Union stepped in again and informed the full-time faculty not to do the work without compensation. After more conversation with the EVC administration, they finally backed down. Congratulations to EVC faculty who will now be paid for the additional work.

2. Union Fights and Wins at Least One Additional Full-Time Faculty to be Hired at EVC

At the Board of Trustee meeting on a Tuesday evening in March, a letter was read by VP of Student Services Adela Swinson from EVC President Henry Yong. For about three months there had been rumors around that Student Success money (SSSP) had been misspent, but nothing concrete. Faculty in counseling were told to cut their hours; adjunct were afraid of losing their jobs. It seemed incredulous to the Union that with the rollover of SSSP money and Equity money that there would be concerns about lack of work and filling positions.

But some of the money had been supplanted (meaning taking already existing Fund 10 positions) and making them into SSSP positions. These positions were again transferred back to Fund 10.

Therefore the President and administration took the position that they would only hire two, out of the five new positions to be hired. That was outrageous and Executive Director Barbara Hanfling immediately spoke up at the BOT meeting. She stated that two positions was not enough and would violate the funds given by the state to hire three full-time faculty.

At first EVC Administration tried to convince the Union and the Chancellor that the third position had been hired last year. That was not the truth; The Case Manager position at EVC had been hired as an additional full-time position agreed to by then Interim Chancellor Hendrickson.

Shortly thereafter, President Yong met with the Union — Barbara Hanfling, Paul Fong and Randy Pratt — and agreed that at least one more position would be hired — chemistry. He also committed to hiring two more full-time counselors. This is a tremendous victory for the faculty at EVC and for full-time faculty. We look forward to seeing that new position posted.